Autumn has arrived. If you want to feel and breathe autumn, we suggest you visit the Lake District, UK at this time of year. Having just spent a few days in a camper van in the wilds of the landscape there, watching the sun rapidly disappear each day, witnessing sudden swathes of fog swamp nighttime roads, and feeling the joy of baby deer spring across frosty fields, we can well and truly attest to autumn (if not a peek of winter) being here and showing off. 

In terms of clothing, this obviously meant the requirement of some pretty hardy outdoor gear (thanks Patagonia, Arcteryx, North Face, Finisterre)... but it also meant some warmth and home comforts in the natural fibres of Marwood scarves

When it comes to cloth-to-skin accessories, we believe in natural wool or wool/cotton blends being the best for feel and look. Also in a world of too much waste and knowledge of products being detrimental to the environment, these natural fibres don't conflict with our morals. 


Our scarves vary in weight and texture. This grey one (above) being one of our finest and most delicate... yet we received a review the other day from a customer who is still wearing theirs 5 years later, and loves it just as much. Our giant staircase scarf (below) is the most cozy. The scale and the softness are unbeatable and the rolled edge hand finish just makes this an even more special piece to treasure. This is as good as a cashmere blanket to wrap around you on a cold evening, or draped around a suit or dress for an evening at the theatre. We make scarves to be worn, time and again. Reliable, comfortable luxury. 

 Talking of blankets, let's not forget the essential bed top layer for our camper van adventure, this wonderful woven delight by Anna-Lisa Smith (below). This blanket has been tried and tested and we can stand by it as being such a durable, beautiful piece. It is warm and substantial and the graphic design looks amazing on our couch, as well as the essential camper van item. 

Lake District at dusk

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