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The Marwood studio book shelves are crammed with a collection of art books, assembled over 20+ years. They range from museum retrospective shows, to vintage hand-me-downs, to charity shop discoveries. Their subjects are a range of contemporary art, old masters, modernist textile artists and a range of photographers. Books provide much inspiration for Marwood, whether directly for pattern and style ideas, or photoshoots, or just a fresh approach to thinking, which is the best type of inspiration. From time to time we will try and share some books off the shelf. Today it is 'Heaven and Earth' by the wonderful British artist Richard Long. We shared some of his images on instagram recently so wanted to do something more thorough here. We also link to a beautiful short clip on YouTube showing his method. Enjoy... 

The book is covering the Heaven and Earth major exhibition at the Tate in 2009. It was Richard Long's first survey in London for eighteen years and was a unique opportunity to understand afresh the artist's radical rethinking of the relationship between art and landscape.

'Long's work comes from his love of nature and through the experience of making solitary walks. These take him through rural and remote areas in Britain, or as far afield as the plains of Canada, Mongolia and Bolivia. Long never makes significant alterations to the landscapes he passes through. Instead he marks the ground or adjusts the natural features of a place by upending stones for example, or making simple traces. He usually works in the landscape but sometimes uses natural materials in the gallery. His work explores relationships between time, distance, geography, measurement and movement.' The Tate. 

Heaven and Earth featured over 80 works including sculptures, large-scale mud wall works, and new photographic and text works documenting walks around the world, plus a big selection of the artists' books, postcards and other printed matter.

We found this beautiful clip on YouTube showing Richard Long creating his pieces in the Sahara... watch here...
And finally, a reminder for all prospective artists out there. Being kicked out of art school could just be the beginning...


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