How to style your mohair socks...

Marwood mohair socks are the best you can buy. We are proud of the fact that they don't wear easily due to the reinforced heel, linked toe and most importantly the sturdy mohair fibres - smooth, strong and anti-bacterial. So many properties to shout about! We thought we should have a look at what footwear is out there to accompany our socks. It is all about the whole package after all. Here is our edit, created by Sam Rogers - our stylish design intern. So, listen up! 

Occasion: Hiking (or at least, walking somewhere more rugged than the smooth, concrete city streets)

If you’re planning on heading out for a walk this time of year, we suggest these luxury hiking boots from Tom Ford - never one to compromise! Perhaps you are seeking a more budget-friendly choice but still want a high-quality product? Then we suggest the Kloten Polished and Pebble-Grain Leather Boots, by Want Les Essentials are ideal for you. Of course, whichever you go for, all of these choices would be paired perfectly with Marwood’s Heavy Knit Mohair Socks.

Mr Porter: Tom Ford - Burnished-Leather Hiking Boots

Mr Porter: Want Les Essentials - Kloten Polished And Pebble-Grain Leather Boots

Occasion: Wedding

We’ve made sure that you will be stylish for the next formal wedding you attend. If you are looking for an easy classic option, we suggest these Berty Leather Oxford Brogues from Paul Smith. Equally priced, these Barneys Leather Wingtip Balmorals feature perforations and pinking. Keeping a smart look while choosing a lower-cost shoe will see you going for these Leather Derby Shoes from Cos. Matching any of these with Marwood’s Plain Knit Mohair Socks in black would complete the footwear look for a formal wedding. 

Berty Leather Oxford Brogues from Paul Smith




Barneys Leather Wingtip Balmorals

Leather Derby Shoes from Cos

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