If you weren’t convinced about Marwood mohair socks already, then why not ask the Grey Fox? Grey Fox Blog is the creation of David Evans and he writes about fashion, style and menswear for the older man – men of about forty or more and those whose hair is turning grey. He works alongside Sarah Gilifillan, a personal stylist to form his successful and respected blog.

David had some Marwood socks a few years ago and this week he posted a photo of these well-loved socks on his Instagram account. Slightly faded but altogether in great nick after a lot of hiking in the hills with his dog as well as treading the London pavements. These versatile socks become favourites within the wardrobe once invested in.

Socks that don’t get holes in, stop your feet from smelling and feel soft and bouncy under foot – what more can you want? Shop the range here.

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