Marwood visits: David Nolan at home

This is the first of a series of interviews where Marwood's founder Becky French will meet friends and collaborators on their own home turf. Taking a peek behind their front door, this series endeavours to observe and celebrate the creative details that inspire people's lives. Home is an intimate place that safely guards unique objects, stories and possessions and we wanted to delve in deeper to know a bit more about the pieces behind the people. 

First up is London based menswear stylist David Nolan. David and Becky have worked together on many shoots during her time as Creative Director at Turnbull & Asser, and most recently on the Marwood ones. He is known for his impeccable taste, his commitment to detail and his no-bullshit approach to fashion. He is a true gent who loves style, class and anything sweet. Just give him an iced bun and he is a happy man. We hope you enjoy his objects and insight. We also managed to utilise his styling skills during the shoot and dot some Marwood accessories amongst his lovely setting. It was a true joy to do this piece, photographed by Rick Pushinsky...


BF: Hi David, it was a treat to visit you at your home in South London. The rooms were light filled with a soothing view of trees. As you have recently moved, I'm intrigued what you look for in a space?

DN: I’d lived in a similar space before which fostered a love for mid century buildings and it really helped set a tone for the type of building and home I look for now. That period's emphasis on bringing light inside, and the clean simple lines; everything feels so well thought through. When I found this, it felt like the ideal setting... and it’s calm and peaceful here.

BF: I know your surroundings are very meaningful to you and your objects appear to be so thoughtfully selected and put together. Can you tell us about three of your favourite pieces? 

DN: There is a rare book on the potter Shoji Hamada that’s a special object to me. I’d started collecting pottery almost two years ago, and had picked up several pieces from the St Ives studio of Leach. The book is hand made, and written by Bernard Leach, who was a close friend of Hamada’s and the founder of Leach. It feels like so much care went into the writing and making of this book on his close friend. It's a precious thing to own.

There’s a very colourful painting just visible in one of the pictures that was a gift from a friend, the British abstract artist Stephen Jaques. We’d met online originally, and had worked together before, and one day Stephen very kindly let me choose a piece from his studio. Most of the things I own are in paler/natural tones, so this piece in such glorious colour really shines in the space in such a brilliantly contrasting way. Now the days are getting longer there’s a certain point in the evening when the sun hits it directly and the colour leaps from the wall. Such a beautiful piece.


These two nesting tables are a reissue of a design Marcel Breuer made in 1936. I’d long admired their shape and style.. so it's wonderful to be able to enjoy having these in my home. 

BF: I’ve worked with you for years now and I love what you bring to a menswear shoot - the attention to detail and the knowledge you have of authentic, original menswear is second to none. Your personal style and wardrobe are also big influences. So, where do you shop (or what labels) and why do these places mean something to you? Do tell! 

DN: I’ve narrowed down where I get my clothes to quite a short list at this stage. I have jackets that were made for me by Chris Ruocco that I’ve been wearing for over ten years now, the pieces he made me are very precious to me. My trousers are made by Costa Antoniou on Gray’s Inn Road who I’ve known for a very long time, his alterations are also the best I’ve ever found. For shirts, a lot came from Budd, but the holy grail of shirts is Frank Foster for me. Mary and Sam are very special in what they do, their work is so strong and recognisable. My shoes have all been hand made by Sebastian Tarek, a brilliant bespoke shoe maker I met at London Fashion Week a long time ago; we arranged a studio visit and I’ve been wearing his shoes ever since. These things mean so much as they are pieces that were made with care for me by people I admire, and who are brilliant at what they do. They’re pieces that wear and age along with you.

BF: I know your love of vintage is a big part of your wardrobe. Can you recommend some great hidden gems to discover in London?

DN: There are 2x places I go to for vintage that I view as the very best in London. Hornets on Church Walk in Kensington. There is no better place for well-chosen classic menswear and the guys who work there are the best. It's always such a comforting place to visit. Some of the finest vintage items I’ve found have been found there.

Then there is A Dandy In Aspic in Camden. Casper who owns this shop, his knowledge and eye are second to none. The pieces he buys are often dead-stock and run from Edwardian through to the 1970’s. You can feel Casper’s character in the items he curates and therefore his place has such a strong identity.


BF: To give us a sense of your space right now, what are you listening to right now? I spotted your beloved record player...

DN: I brought the first record by Aphex Twin recently and it really surprised me. It’s stunning and yet not an area of music I’d usually lean towards, but this is really quite beautiful. I’m excited to explore this much more.


BF: And finally, I feel like we should get more specific style advise from you, regarding Marwood. What are the best shirts to style with a Marwood tie? And would you pick one tie from the current collection that you would wear this summer please. 

DN: Personally I’ll always loved loose pale shirts. They are the perfect canvas for a Marwood tie whether you want a tonal look, or a plain base to contrast a stronger colour or pattern. As for choosing a tie from the current offering, I'd go for the off-white tie with circular appliquéd lace details - that is absolutely beautiful. An ideal piece to me.

You can shop the tie here.

Huge thanks to David for sharing his home and giving an insight in to his surroundings and style. Thanks also to Rick Pushinsky for the beautiful photographs throughout this story.  

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