To celebrate Easter we want to share these sketches by English author, natural scientist and treasured illustrator Beatrix Potter. Potter’s whimsical sketches are detailed, delicate and full of character. She studied her subjects, whether animate or not, with enthusiasm and passion, and had such a love for drawing that she even illustrated many of her letters to friends.

After 150 years since Potter’s birth a new book has been rediscovered – The Tale of Kitty-in-Boots. We found this quick read (link) via The Independant, explaining why Quentin Blake was chosen to illustrate the new book. “Publisher Jo Hanks rediscovered the manuscript two years ago and chose Blake to illustrate it because he “understands the rebelliousness of animal characters and doesn’t patronise children, which was one of Potter’s bugbears”..”. We couldn’t agree more.

Now we just have to wait until it’s published in September, to own a copy for ourselves – another classic to add to the collection.

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