Marwood recommends: shirts to go with ties

Choosing a shirt to pair with your tie can be a tricky task, so we have played the role of your personal shopper and chosen a variety of shirts to go with seven Marwood ties. Have a look at the various choices and see if a combination takes your fancy. As you know, we are always a fan of a white shirt with any Marwood tie, but these combinations are a bit more playful and can still be worn to a variety of events including weddings, dinner parties, summer parties and the like. Click the links below the images to shop the shirts and ties directly...

Shirt by Etro paired with Marwood lace appliqué tie 

Shirt above by Salvatore Piccolo paired with Marwood charcoal chevron tie

Shirt above by YMC paired with Marwood mesh lace tie 


Blue shirt above by Thom Sweeney & purple stripe shirt by Charvet paired with Marwood multi fleck silk tie

W.I.S.I.C.A. shirt above by Budd paired with Marwood slub silk tie 

Green shirt above by Charvet paired with Marwood monochrome graphic dot tie or the Marwood mink black stripe tie

Blue organic cotton tailored fit shirt above by Turnbull & Asser paired with Marwood beige detail tie 

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