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2021 is bringing about some changes for Marwood by bringing in some new products to widen our offer. We have always had a strong sense of design and now we are seeking out other makers and designers who sing to a similar tune as us - aesthetically and ethically. 

Image: Daniel Faro Da Cunha / Marwood

The first friend of Marwood to bring in to the fold is Annie, of Anna-Lisa Smith design studio in northern England. Based in Marsden, a West Yorkshire weaving town nestled at the foot of The Pennines. Marsden is a beautiful spot, once at the very heart of Englands wool weaving industry with ten weaving mills located around the town.

The mills in Marsden are now closed but remain a major part of the landscape, with tenterhooks on the streets and huge mills that cast their shadows over the terraced houses. Annie's studio looks over Bank Bottom Mill which was once the largest privately owned weaving mill in the world.

From her studio Annie designs contemporary woven textiles for the home. With influences that range from Gee's Bend Quilts, Bauhaus and Modernist design to the colour palettes of the Post Impressionists, she reinterprets her inspiration into contemporary, timeless cloth which will last a lifetime. It is these principles and influences that Marwood has always adhered to and what drew us to approach Annie in the first place. 

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Another principle of Marwood's is the fibres and raw materials we use. Our mohair socks and silk ties are all fully traceable to local roots and sustainable partners. Wool is Annie's choice of fibre and she only uses the highest quality, cruelty free merino which is sourced from our West Yorkshire supplier.

Merino wool is the most beautiful of materials, sustainable, biodegradable and extremely long lasting. We make sure our wool is sourced from non mulesed sheep and we take care with our finishing to bring out the natural softness of the wool.

Image courtesy of Sheep Central 

Annie works with two weaving mills, one in Lancashire and one in West Yorkshire and the world class fabric finishers are based in Huddersfield, the nearest town. 

Over time Annie has built close relationships with all the mills and is proud to work with such skilled companies. It is this value of relationships with mills and suppliers that we also hold dearly at Marwood. The design is just one part of the process, but it is all the partners along the way of creating a single product, that makes them quality items to treasure and keep for generations to come. 

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