Mohair socks are hitting the headlines today. Our sock manufacturer Corrymoor socks produces our goat-hair socks in South-West England, using the hair from their own angora goats, bred on their farm in Devon. Read the article in today’s Telegraph about the unique qualities of mohair socks – with the welcome news that they even stop your feet from smelling!

Corrymoor produce our luxury, high-end range of mohair socks dyed in an exclusive palette of colours created by Marwood. They dye our socks by hand, perfecting each colours with us along the way. It is a crafted process and Jenny from Corrymoor perfects our shades of subtle to bright colours, with exceptional quality control. You can buy Marwood mohair socks online in our e-shop, with Mr Porter online and Fortnum and Mason. These luxurious socks make the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one as they cost £40 per pair and will last forever. Socks that don’t get holes in, stop your feet from smelling and feel soft and bouncy under foot – what more can you want?
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